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With two locations in Boston , Massachusetts,  the Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye, P.C. provides dedicated and personalized legal representation across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including Suffolk, Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, Norfolk, and Barnstable counties.

It is often during extremely stressful situations that individuals turn to hire legal counsel. This firm's goal is to provide the highest quality of legal representation during these times, while trying to mitigate the stress factors that inevitably come with all legal experiences.

The Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye, P.C. does not charge for introductory phone calls or initial consultations, so please do not hesitate to call (781) 890-0010 if you have any questions or to inquire whether this firm is right for your specific needs.




Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense concerns the rights of every citizen to receive competent, fair and vigorous representation when accused of a criminal offense. It is vital that the constitutional rights of each individual be advanced and safeguarded in a justice system that can often be impersonal and can push for unfair or wrong resolutions.  It is also necessary that all criminal defense tactics be implemented based upon a full and complete investigation and understanding of the facts.  Attorney Nicholas Frye is an experienced and highly successful practitioner in this area and will provide you with maximum effort as well as a sound understanding of the strategy and tactics inherent to determining the course of how your case will be best defended.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlord/Tenant Law is the field of law that governs over the landlord-tenant relationship and protects the rights of both the Landlord and Tenant respectively. This area of law covers a wide variety of subjects from rental agreements, evictions, and the breach of various covenants such as the covenant of habitability and the covenant of quiet enjoyment.  Unfortunately, the rights of both Landlords and Tenants are constantly violated here in the Commonwealth, and often these violations go without remedy because the individuals do not fully understand the law and it's protections.  Whenever any Landlord/Tenant dispute arises, it is essential that the person contact a qualified attorney in order to receive sound counsel and explanations regarding the law, the individual's rights, and possible solutions to the specific dispute.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation/Personal Injury Law involves resolution of non-criminal disputes, often about money damages or other forms of compensation.  This encompasses personal injury claims, business or contract litigation, civil tort claims and other forms of equitable disputes. Before taking court action, it is often possible to negotiate an optimal settlement, although we believe that a party must always be ready to back up words with action and file a lawsuit when necessary. Attorney Nicholas Frye is a highly skilled and experienced negotiator with a track record of achieving the maximum available settlement in civil matters. A major factor into Attorney Frye’s success is that he prepares each and every case as if it is going to trial, so that opposing parties know that demands for relief are serious, legitimate, and that the firm is willing to take the case to trial in order to achieve a maximum result for the client.

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